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Chars DBZ Mugen / Xiter Samp By DB

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MOD For Samp By DB 2016 (Inglesh)

Hello, this page is written by a Brazilian.. sorry for the mistakes



Xiters For Samp By DB

Hack For Samp By DB

Mod For Samp By DB

Cheat For Samp By DB

Cleo For Samp By DB




This mod is created by Diogo Misievicz.Barros.

To Use this mod, you need a Cleo 4 Library




-I Still Always Creating new cheats.

How we Download ? Click in "Baixar" , after click in "Não, obrigado. Continuar →", wait the downloading finish, extract the .rar archive and with a program unzip or winrar... take the archives  .cs and put in the cleo paste of gta


Auto BOT by DB :DOWNLOAD Eu não curto muito esse mod, mas ele faz com que o player ataque sozinho quem estiver próximo... Tem que ser muito noob para usar.


(Não Disponivel Ainda)





Confused by DB :DOWNLOAD Quando apertado o botão, o player teleporta rápido pra esquerda e pra direita, que nem o goku, parecendo até que o player virou dois players 


(Não Disponivel Ainda)





Aimbot by DB :DOWNLOAD Tentarei fazer o melhor Aimbot já lançado para Samp, mas esse vai demorar...


(Não Disponivel Ainda)




Object Desreflect by DB :DOWNLOAD Este xiter faz com que o player pegue o objeto do cenário mais próximo e coloque na frente de outro player para atrapalhar que ele ande.


COMANDOS : Aperte R para colocar o objeto mais próximo

(Não Disponivel Ainda)





Object Reflect by DB :DOWNLOAD Este xiter faz com que o player pegue o objeto do cenário mais próximo e coloque na frente do player para se proteger.


COMANDOS : Aperte R para puxar um objeto

(Não Disponivel Ainda)




Fight Rescue by DB :DOWNLOAD Este xiter faz com que ao entrar em confronto desarmado com outro player desarmado, apenas algúns socos do outro player tiram vida, fazendo que provávelmente você ganhe a luta.


COMANDOS : Aperte 6 para ligar o mod, e fica nesse hack de life "temporário"

(Não Disponivel Ainda)




Prison Escape by DB :DOWNLOAD When you are in a prison, you can press N, and your player will teleport to front and escape of prison...


COMANDOS : Press "N" 



Final Protect by DB :DOWNLOAD You made the near player stay in the floor


COMANDOS : Press 5



Tele Surprise by DB :DOWNLOAD You can teleport behind the closest player.


COMANDOS : Press 2



Auto Driver by DB :DOWNLOAD When you enter a car, and mark a point on the map, the car go to the point... 
Do not use with helicópters or aircraft...


COMANDOS : Take a  car, and mark a point in map...


Press Z to car drive... and press A to Restart.



(New 2016) Gold Pack By DB :DOWNLOAD Large Mod and complex, perhaps the best cleo mod to samp:

- reduces the lag of shot in 90%...


- it leaves all your Fastest guns, but very little... (c-bugs)


-It shields your car no to attack, don't use bike's.


 - IT takes a curve That time a bullet It is She always goes on Target...


- Runs without tiring...

- Makes the leap matrix *edited by me...


COMANDOS : When you start to play, press F2 and after X, and let's go =D



Super Buger By DB :DOWNLOAD This Fail Mod , look the screen that people who are driving close

COMANDOS : Press 3 , near someone that driving


OBS: Not Always Work




Ultra Samp Xiter By DB :DOWNLOAD Control a car, but don't driving this car.


COMANDOS : Enter and left the car, and after press :

Ctrl+N + X ===Active

I,J,K,L === Move the Car

Z === Changes the camera / Z depois Y === Switches off the engine

M === Destroy the car.

, === Come in and drive the car,swindle Server Protection

P === regenerates,car repairs

U === Damage the Car

. === It makes the car go alone, if no one inside, he goes to where the map view will





Give Car By DB :DOWNLOAD Easy Script to take Vehicle of someone near, press 1

COMANDOS : Press 1, will carjacked




Give Car Passageiro By DB :DOWNLOAD Easy Script that made you enter with a passanger in a strange car...

COMANDOS : Press 2, not give carjacked




Gravity Gun Samp By DB : Script that give you a gun that you can put away every car stopped...

COMANDOS : write GGUN when you're playing


Hack de Vida V2 By DB :DOWNLOAD You don't die never...

COMANDOS : In the Archive, Only put the .cs files in cleo paste.


Money Regenerate By DB :DOWNLOAD Doesn't work good. To take money, but only work sometime , only SOMEEETIMEEES, in somee servers.

COMANDOS : In the Archive, Only put the .cs files in cleo paste.


Remote Car Control V2 By DB  :DOWNLOAD You control the car without being in it, only works with cars that do not have anyone in...

COMANDOS : No arquivo


Teleporters By DB  :DOWNLOAD You can teleport to all directions equal Goku, Controlling in the 4 arrows keys, but need a car near because this mod are made so....

COMANDOS : In the Archive, 4 direction in the keyboard


Alarme Samp By DB  : Old alarm when someone comes into car, this person just think he's driving the car but he's standing in front ^^ But since notice has bugs '-'

COMANDOS : In the Archive


Car floder fireBy DB  :DOWNLOAD It is the car junction on fire over the flood parts.

COMANDOS : In the Archive


Car Blinded RPG By DB  :DOWNLOAD Is the Same of Blinded Drift, but is for RPG SERVER, in this, the car doesn't explode... And drive in wather too...

COMANDOS : In the Archive, Only put the .cs files in cleo paste.



Car Blinded Drift By DB  :DOWNLOAD Want be a king of Drift? You come to the right place. This mod increase all car features when you enter him. He drive in water too. This is the Best cheat of armored cars.

COMANDOS : In the Archive, Only put the .cs files in cleo paste.


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Xiter / Cheat / Hack / Código For SAMP (GtA Online)

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